Welding Instructor

Company Name:
Merrill Fabricators
To apply, go to http://www.merrillfab.com/careers
Overview: This position is responsible for facilitating and executing training and educational courses as part of an overall industrial training program. Classroom responsibilities include teaching structural fabricating,
and maintenance, MIG, TIG, and ARC, 0XY/ACE welding and cutting and plasma cutting to students from different backgrounds, ethnicity, nationalities, gender, ages, religions, or disabilities in the classroom and in the lab, using a variety of teaching methods such as lectures and demonstrations and using audiovisual and technological aids to supplement the presentations..
Maintain an 85% Graduation and employment rate
Monitor Students attendance and retention and document as required by the administration
Monitor & maintain all equipment and supply inventory in locked facilities
Other duties as assigned.
Maintain professional expertise (faculty development) to meet accreditation standards by attending educational seminars in professional field, reading current literature, attending online courses, etc.
Environment: A varied mix of office, classroom, lab, and manufacturing shop environments
Physical Demands: Moderate mental stress in fast pace environment. Some light non repetitive lifting up to 50 lbs without mechanical assistance.
Prepare and provide all lecture, lab and classroom instruction according to the required curriculum
Follow current course outlines, objectives, and evaluation mechanisms for the program
Maintain a lesson plan of daily instructional
Instructs students in subject areas, i.e., use, maintenance, and the safe operation of tools and equipment, codes or regulations related to the welding program.
Instructs students in the importance of accuracy, neatness, efficiency, resourcefulness and good work habits in obtaining employment in manufacturing.
Grading assignments, returning graded assignments to students, and assigning final grades for all students in a timely manner
Provide educational assistance to students during regularly scheduled times (i.e., office hours) or by appointment
Advise students as it relates to school policies, satisfactory performance, etc. Maintain communication with Manager of Operations and Industrial Training regarding such activity
Submit in writing current textbook, supply, and equipment needs to the Manger
Secure consumable supplies as well as educational materials from administrative office when needed
Maintain professional appearance at all times
Communicate with Manager on all issues related to students
Ensure that students follow the catalog guidelines daily
Attend all scheduled mandatory meetings set by cooperate operations
Serve on committees (e.g., curriculum development, retention, etc.) as assigned based upon expertise or strategic need
Other duties as assigned.
Education: CWI/CWE, High School Graduate.
Skills:Exceptional organizational, communication, and team building skills. Must be able to facilitate small (1-3 participants) to medium (10 20 participants) size
Experience:Five (5) to Ten (10) years custom manufacturing and welding experience. Three (3) five (5) years training and facilitation or management experience
Personal Qualities: Individual should have a good understanding of the manufacturing/welding industry. Must be able to communicate and relay information and confirm understanding of students. Must be able to lead and inspire a group of students in a classroom environment.
Preferences: Associates degree or relevant work experience and certifications - CWI/CWE. The ideal candidate will also possess: Customer Service, Account Management, Project Management, Customer/Client Interface, Sales & Recruiting and Training Material Development experience.

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