Welder II

Company Name:
Merrill Fabricators
To apply, go to http://www.merrillfab.com/careers
About us: Merrill Fabricators is an industry leader in fabricated ferrous and non-ferrous metal products; Merrill Fabricators provides accurate, high-quality weldments weighing up to 200,000 pounds. Technologies include robotic and semi-robotic welding processes, multi-head plasma cutting, laser plate cutting, bumping, forming, cladding and nondestructive testing in accordance with Navy, Army, ASME and AWS standards. MFAB incorporates their AWS accredited Institute of Welding to train and keep employees current.
Overview: Level II welders shall be efficient when using measuring equipment, and be able to convert fractions to decimals, and metric to standard units. Level II welders shall have a basic understanding about crane operation, and rigging with limited assistance from supervision.
Accountabilities: Maintaining welding supplies and maintenance of welding equipment.
Environment: Typical shop environment with additional fumes from welding and risk of eye flash (Welding helmet must be worn whenever welding).
Physical Demands: Frequent bending, stooping, and twisting. Lifting up to 50 lbs. without mechanical assistance.
Duties: Level II welders shall be experienced welding with Flux-Core Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding. Level II welders shall have advanced skills in at least one of the main welding processes listed above. Along with the welding processes, the Level II welders shall show advanced skills using Oxy-Fuel, Plasma Arc Cutting, and Carbon Arc Cutting equipment. Level II welders shall be able to demonstrate efficiencies when cutting straight line, shapes, and bevels on various materials, using manual and automatic equipment. Ability to weld parts in the most efficient manner, with minimal supervision.
Education: High School Diploma
Skills: Level II welders shall have a basic understanding of the American Welding Society requirements, in various areas of the welding field. Level II welders shall fully understand the information that is listed on the Welding Procedure Specifications, which include but are not limited to electrode classifications, gas types, polarity, equipment setups, etc. Level II welders shall have a good understanding of weld symbols, and the use of weld gauges. Level II welders shall demonstrate an advanced knowledge in reading blueprints, and be able to find the information that is needed effectively.
Experience: Technical training in welding and experience of more than 2 years, or equivalent
Personal Qualities: Must be able to follow written and verbal directions, from department supervisor.
Preferences: Technical Training in welding and lift truck license.

Don't Be Fooled

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