Lead Robotic Welder Level III

Company Name:
Merrill Tool & Machine
To apply, go to http://www.merrillfab.com/careers
About us: Merrill Fabricators is an industry leader in fabricated ferrous and non-ferrous metal products; Merrill Fabricators provides accurate, high-quality weldments weighing up to 200,000 pounds. Technologies include robotic and semi-robotic welding processes, multi-head plasma cutting, laser plate cutting, bumping, forming, cladding and nondestructive testing in accordance with Navy, Army, ASME and AWS standards. MFAB incorporates their AWS accredited Institute of Welding to train and keep employees current.
Overview: Requires little to no direct supervision. Can develop complete robotic weld programs using point to point and offline software, including weld path with proper weld orientation, searches and air moves. Can create required weld parameters, seam tracking and weave schedules. Ability to plan andfixture projects for best cycle time. Understands and applies applicable weld specifications per project design. Works from a more complex set of welding instructions. May provide technical direction and training to others.
Specific Duties: Programming, fixture projects, robotically weld fabrications with minimal hand welding as required.
Accountabilities: Maintaining welding supplies and maintenance of welding equipment. Must be able to troubleshoot and correct issues that may occur with welding equipment.
Authority: Minor purchases related to upkeep and maintenance of robotic equipment and supplies. Must have the aptitude to assist and train operators that are at levels I, and II.
RELEVANCE AND IMPORTANCE OF POSITION TO QUALITY OBJECTIVES: Weld quality directly related to end product quality and reliability. Weld appearance is also a reflection on customer value. Weld quality also may affect product safety.
Working Conditions
Environment: Shop floor environment. Occasional fumes and debris from welding.
Physical Demands: Some heavy lifting - no more than 50 lbs. w/o mechanical assistance.
Hours: Hourly position; standard 40 hour work week unless overtime is needed to complete tasks (as directed by management).
Travel: None
Training: Basic and advanced training from an accredited robotics training facility or college (Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Kuka)

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